Pioneer Title Co. of Gem County

1500 S. Washington Avenue, Suite 'B'
Emmett, ID 83617
Tel. (208) 365-5343
Fax (208) 365-3650

Services at this location

  • Title
  • Escrow
  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • Long Term Escrow Payments
  • Customer Service

Gem County is a county in the U.S. state of Idaho. As of the 2010 census, the population was 16,719. The county seat and largest city is Emmett. Gem County is part of the Boise, ID Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Named for the state nickname, "Gem State," the county was established on March 15, 1915, partitioned from Canyon County and Boise County. Fur trappers were in the area as early as 1818, and Alexander Ross explored Squaw Creek in 1824. Prospectors and miners moved through the county in 1862 en route to the gold rush in the Boise Basin around Idaho City, and by the next year irrigation began along the Payette River. The Black Canyon diversion dam on the river was built in the early 1920s, east of Emmett.


Emmett Team

Mandy Elsts Mandy Elsts
Escrow Assistant
(208) 365-5343
Palla Garringer Palla Garringer
Escrow Officer
(208) 365-5343
Ted Kirkhart Ted Kirkhart
Branch Manager/Senior Escrow Officer
(208) 938-7480
Jack Owsley Jack Owsley
Title Officer
(208) 452-7500
Amber Randall Amber Randall
Escrow Officer
(208) 365-5343
Joseph Wellard Joseph Wellard
Title Officer
(208) 365-5343

Admin Team

Candace Atnip Candace Atnip
Human Resource Management
(208) 373-3718
Tim Bundgard Tim Bundgard
(208) 373-3601
Lexy Cantu Lexy Cantu
Accounting / HR Intern
(208) 373-3628
John Doria John Doria
Director of Corporate Communications
(208) 373-3651
Jesse Hamilton Jesse Hamilton
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
(208) 373-3733
Jacob Holdaway Jacob Holdaway
(208) 377-2700
Sherry Kersting Sherry Kersting
Accounts Payable
(208) 373-3768
C. Dean Shafer C. Dean Shafer
Sr. Title Officer / State Title Advisor
(208) 467-0112
Sherri Sidwell Sherri Sidwell
Accounts Receivable
(208) 373-3761
Anthony  Stewart Anthony Stewart
Accounts Receivable Collections
(208) 373-3763
Angie Taylor Angie Taylor
Administrative Accountant
(208) 373-3767
Stephanie Thompson Stephanie Thompson
(208) 373-3667
Tavia Torkelson Tavia Torkelson
Trust Accounting Administrator
(208) 373-3766
Cindy Truchot Cindy Truchot
(208) 373-3765
Jake Tunison Jake Tunison
Commercial Marketing & Builder and Developer Services
(208) 941-2062