Pioneer Title Co. of Ada County

8151 W. Rifleman Street
Boise, ID 83704
Tel. (208) 377-2700
Fax (208) 373-3610

Counties Served at this location

  • Ada
  • Boise
  • Twin Falls

Services at this location

  • Title
  • Escrow
  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • Long Term Escrow Payments
  • Customer Service

Ada County is a county in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Idaho. As of the 2010 Census, the county had a population of 392,365, making it the most populous county in Idaho. The county seat and largest city is Boise,which is also the state capital.

Ada County is by far the state's largest in population, containing more than one quarter of the state's residents, and contains its only county highway district; the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) has jurisdiction over all the local county and city streets, except for private roads and state roads. In the interior Northwest east of the Cascade Range, Ada County ranks second in population behind only Spokane County, Washington.

Ada County was created by the Idaho Territorial Legislature on December 22, 1864, partitioned from Boise County. It is named for Ada Riggs, the first pioneer child born in the area and the daughter of H.C. Riggs, a co-founder of Boise. Canyon County, which originally included Payette County and most of Gem County, was partitioned from western Ada County in 1891.


Boise Team

Denise Aggen Denise Aggen
(208) 373-3704
Shellie Allen Shellie Allen
Vice President & Escrow Manager
(208) 373-3611
Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
Senior Commercial Title Officer
(208) 373-3666
Debbie Andrews Debbie Andrews
Escrow Officer
(208) 373-3639
Sandra Balmer Sandra Balmer
Title Officer
(208) 373-3641
Glen Bennett Glen Bennett
Escrow Officer
(208) 373-3698
Vaughn Bodenbender Vaughn Bodenbender
Help Desk Analyst
(208) 377-2700
Amy Bowles Amy Bowles
Escrow Assistant
(208) 373-3664
Jim Brooks Jim Brooks
Systems Administrator
(208) 377-2700
Jon Bussell Jon Bussell
Business Development Representative
(208) 941-2786
Diane Button Diane Button
Escrow Assistant
(208) 373-3624
Judy  Chavez Judy Chavez
(208) 377-2700
Terra  Coley Terra Coley
Customer Service Rep.
(208) 373-3619
Dayna DeVore Dayna DeVore
Business Development Representative
(208) 794-2735
Joe Dressler Joe Dressler
Title Assistant
(208) 377-2700
Donna Glavach Donna Glavach
Title Officer
(208) 373-3613
Hannah Heffner Hannah Heffner
Business Development Representative
(208) 599-4568
Michelle Jacobs Michelle Jacobs
Escrow Assistant
(208) 373-3636
Heather Jensen Heather Jensen
Long Term Escrow Officer
(208) 373-3635
Amanda Kaetzel Amanda Kaetzel
Customer Service Rep.
(208) 373-3714
Sue Kane Sue Kane
Title Officer
(208) 373-3791
Ann Kent Ann Kent
National Order Desk
(208) 373-3616
Greg Kester Greg Kester
Senior Escrow Officer
(208) 373-3690
Lori Kortz Lori Kortz
Title Assistant
(208) 373-3671
Glen Lorensen Glen Lorensen
Senior Commercial Title Officer
(208) 373-3681
Gwen Main Gwen Main
Business Development Representative
(208) 870-8300
Scott Miller Scott Miller
I.T. Director
(208) 373-3760
Rob Myklebust Rob Myklebust
Business Development Representative
(208) 921-8390
Jack Owsley Jack Owsley
Title Officer
(208) 373-3621
Paula Paulson Paula Paulson
Senior Title Officer
(208) 373-3676
Kasie Perkins Kasie Perkins
Digital Imaging
(208) 373-3673
Mike Ranieri Mike Ranieri
Senior Vice President & County Manager
(208) 373-3604
Sue Rich-Merritt Sue Rich-Merritt
Senior Escrow Officer, Residential/Commercial
(208) 373-3612
Hailey Sanchez Hailey Sanchez
Escrow Assistant
Tamara Schofield Tamara Schofield
Title Officer
(208) 373-3618
John Smith John Smith
Title Officer
(208) 373-3654
Clay Smith Clay Smith
Title Searcher
(208) 373-3607
Christal Smith Christal Smith
Business Development Representative
(208) 807-1927
Lanie Spears Lanie Spears
Title Assistant
(208) 373-3615
Deanna Spjute Deanna Spjute
Long Term Escrow Assistant
(208) 373-3649
Lori Stark Lori Stark
Long Term Escrow Manager
(208) 373-3722
Tavia Steiner Tavia Steiner
Commercial Title Assistant
(208) 377-2700
Kathy Sturm Kathy Sturm
Title Officer
(208) 373-3693
Jake Tunison Jake Tunison
Title Production Manager
(208) 941-2062
Dionne Tutogi Dionne Tutogi
Escrow Assistant
(208) 373-3623
Maria Van Der Aa Maria Van Der Aa
Escrow Officer
(208) 373-3697
Bruce Wallace Bruce Wallace
(208) 908-8256
Hailey Waters Hailey Waters
(208) 377-2700
Joseph Wellard Joseph Wellard
Title Officer
(208) 373-3626
Ryan Williams Ryan Williams
(208) 982-1201
Chris Woods Chris Woods
(208) 863-8563
Cassandra Wright Cassandra Wright
Title Officer
(208) 373-3684

Admin Team

Candace Atnip Candace Atnip
Human Resource Management
(208) 373-3718
Tim Bundgard Tim Bundgard
(208) 373-3601
Lexy Cantu Lexy Cantu
Accounting Assistant
(208) 373-3628
John Doria John Doria
Director of Corporate Communications
(208) 373-3651
Jesse Hamilton Jesse Hamilton
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
(208) 373-3733
Sherry Kersting Sherry Kersting
Accounts Payable Clerk
(208) 373-3768
C. Dean Shafer C. Dean Shafer
Sr. Title Officer / State Title Advisor
(208) 467-0112
Sherri Sidwell Sherri Sidwell
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
(208) 373-3761
Anthony  Stewart Anthony Stewart
Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist
(208) 373-3763
Angie Taylor Angie Taylor
Accounting Supervisor
(208) 373-3767
Tavia Torkelson Tavia Torkelson
Trust Account Administrator
(208) 373-3766
Cindy Truchot Cindy Truchot
(208) 373-3765